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This Podcast Will Kill You

Tune in to Episode 23 of This Podcast Will Kill You, hosted by Erin and Erin, two of the brightest young women you'll ever hear.  They make disgusting  topics not only palatable, but enjoyable!  You'll be itching for more!  They kindly used a song I wrote a few years ago, with my permission, of course.  Thank you Erins for staying curious and sharing the love!!

The back story of this song, is that my favorite class at the University of Missouri (Go Tigers) was Parasitology, or the study of parasites.  The stories of these critters' life cycles was fascinating to me.  Fondly recalling those days in the lecture hall, I composed this song with the intent of it sounding like your basic break -up song, if you didn't know it was about a parasite and host.  

Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

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Susan Marting


Songs can heal hearts and minds. Playing primarily banjo or guitar, and singing as best I can, I generally play Roots, Americana and Folk music. Sometimes I play with friends, sometimes I go solo.  I prefer to play tunes that I've written.  I also write the lyrics. It keeps me up at night.

Burn and Sparkle


This is my debut album,  recorded at Centro Cellar Studio in Columbia, Missouri, 2016

Seven Billion


Hot off the  press...recorded at Blue Lotus Recording in St. Louis, Missouri, 2018 

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Riverfront Times


 Marting’s songs seem to be written in a consistent voice — a well-travelled, hard-drinking woman who’s had her heart broken more than a few times, who gets addicted to Facebook validation in the song “Like Me” and can’t sit through yoga class in “Yoga Dropout.”    10.24.16



Susan played at our fundraiser this year and we broke our previous record.  Her songs are original, fun and heartwarming.

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"Sweet."  "Clever."  "She's a female John Prine." "Haven't heard a song like that since Arlo Guthrie." "Never heard such a sad song on a banjo." "So relevant." "She has such a clear voice, I sing along to every word"

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Meramec Valley Girl

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